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Without jeopardizing the quality or expressiveness of the artist's work, our switch to digital has allowed us, as self publishing artist's, to address some troubling aspects of the current Fine Art scene. Number One among these is the high cost of owning original artwork. By creating, printing and marketing the work ourselves via the computer and internet, Tbone Graphic Arts is very proud to offer an alternative to this trend. It is through our commitment to market our work honestly and aggressively, to expand and make a success of our artistic careers, and to promote the accessibility of the visual arts to all of you who support artistic expression of artist's in the Fine Arts field.
We can assure those of you who purchase our art prints, that they will own an acquired piece of art work that will last and increase in value over the years. Since prices for our art work may vary depending on size or what the image is printed upon and since custom projects can be designed to meet your specific needs, we invite you to contact us for pricing information. It costs nothing to find out how affordable our work really is.

Some of the works on this website are currently available in limited editions. To protect our client's investments, images published in limited editions are available only in the selected sizes and substrates, as signed and numbered prints. However, high quality prints of all other works shown on this website are available on a wide variety of high tech archival substrates. Contact us for information on size, substrate, availability and pricing call: (1-403-237-8803 )
Yours truly,
Wayne Bonney
Tbone Graphic Arts

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Tbone Graphic Arts

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Any artwork on this site is NOT to be used for anything more than your personal computer wallpaper or screen saver. Any other use of these images requires the written consent of the artist.

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