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Hi my name is Wayne Bonney
I was born at Victoria, B.C. in 1943. At the young age of 1 year old I was moved to a small town in Southern Alberta, Canada. As a child I was always drawing airplanes or rockets of some kind. Thus came the interest for space travel, the universe and the unknown.Most of my work is done with bold, vibrant colors. My artwork usually has hidden stories or meanings to them and they are all usually life related. Sometimes the meaning that I am trying to express is not always shown, but it usually has an underlying message to it.
My feeling on art ?? 'Art is an expression of who we are and how we perceive the world.' Everyone sees something different. I believe this is what makes us different in our own way. 'I try to have my voice speak through the art voice'
I first became very interested in 'digital graphic art' in 1998 when I came across an artist called ' Vickimess ' who is a self taught artist also. From that moment on I had a 'burning desire' to do artwork with a flair towards Serenity,Fantasy,Seascapes,Landscapes,Spacescapes,Science Fiction,Surrealism,Transportation, and Mood.
Please enjoy my world of art and thank you for visiting. Yours truly, Wayne

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: