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 My name is Wayne Bonney and I was born in Victoria, B.C. Canada on Feb.27th.1943.Since my father was soon to be enlisted in the R.C.N. during World War II it was only feasible that my mother and I move back home to a small town in southern Alberta,Canada called High River. At the young age of 17yrs old I also enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy and served on the Atlantic Coast during the " Cuban Crisis. " I was honorably released from the Royal Canadian Navy in 1964 as a ABSN2. As a child I was always drawing airplanes or rockets of some kind. Thus came the interest for space travel, the universe and the unknown.Most of my work is done with bold, vibrant colors. I use several different digital art programs, all in which are by trial and error sometimes. Most of my digital artwork has hidden stories or meanings to them and they are all usually life related. Sometimes the meaning that I am trying to express is not always shown, but it usually has an underlying message to it. My feeling on art "Art is an expression of who we are and how we perceive the world." Everyone sees something different. I believe this is what makes us different in our own way. "I try to have my voice speak through the art voice" I first became very interested in digital graphic art in 1998 when I came across a digital graphic artist called " Vickimess " who is a self taught artist also. I was absolutely taken with her beautiful digital abstract art. From that moment on I had a "burning desire" to do digital graphic art work like Vicki's but with a flair towards Serenity,Fantasy,Seascapes,Landscapes,Spacescapes,Science Fiction,Surrealism, and Mood. " Thanks Vicki for the inspiration you have given me. " " I will always be ever so grateful for that day." Today I try to supplement my Old Age Pension (which is very little) with the sales of my artwork..It is very much appreciated when you purchase my artwork as it is now my livelihood. God Bless You All..and thank you.

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